Nomination Information

Nomination Procedure

To be considered for induction, candidates need to first be nominated. You can find the nomination forms below. Make sure the nomination has complete and accurate information about the candidate’s achievements and has the nominee’s consent or their family’s consent if they are deceased.

Nominations that qualify will be considered for the election in the year they are nominated and for up to two more years. If the nominee isn’t elected within this time, the nomination will become inactive and can only be resubmitted after two years. The person who made the nomination will be informed.

2024 Nominations must be submitted by Friday, July 26, 2024 to:

Phone: 613-258-2142


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1588
106 Holmes Street,
Kemptville, Ontario
K0G 1J0

Selection of Candidates

All candidates eligible for election will be assessed on the basis of the level and significance of their achievements or contributions; the degree of difficulty in achieving their success; the consistency, dedication or contribution to sport over time; and personal qualities or team characteristics.

Membership Categories & Eligibility for Election

Individual athletes and amateur teams who by outstanding achievement have brought distinction to North Grenville; and builders (i.e. coaches, officials, organizers, administrators, etc.) who have made a significant contribution to the development and advancement of high performance athletic competition are eligible for election.

To ensure that the achievements and contributions of individuals and teams from earlier eras are not forgotten, veterans can be nominated as individuals, builders or teams. Veteran individuals and builders must have reached their 70th birthday by May 1st of the year the nomination is submitted. Individual athlete nominees must have been retired from the sport(s) for which they are being nominated for at least 35 years (as of December 31st of the year prior to their nomination). In the case of a team, 35 years must have elapsed since it last competed as a unit. This 35 year retirement rule does not apply to builders. Athlete and team nominees must have demonstrated outstanding achievement in competitive sport consistent with the competition available during their era, and resulting in honour to themselves and recognition to North Grenville.

Nominees may be living or deceased at the time of their nomination. Individuals may be nominated as an individual athlete or as a builder, but may not be considered in both categories concurrently. Members of the Kemptville & District Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee are not eligible for election while serving on either body.


Individual athlete nominees must have been retired from the sport(s) for which they are being nominated for at least 35 years (as of December 31st of the year prior to their nomination). The Selection Committee may waive the waiting period, if such action is deemed appropriate. The waiting period does not apply to posthumous nominations.

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Builder Nominees may be active or retired at the time of their election. Builder nominees must have made a significant contribution to sport and/or demonstrated a commitment to the development and advancement of sports over a period of time. The builder category includes coaches, officials, organizers, administrators, executive members, and sponsors or patrons.

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A team is two or more athletes competing as a unit in a sanctioned athletic event. Athletes competing as individuals within their sport as part of an Ontario contingent in events such as Canada Games, do not constitute a team, e.g. athletics, boxing, swimming, etc. Teams are eligible for election when five years have elapsed since the team last competed as a unit, or since the event for which the team has been nominated. Team nominations may be made on the basis of a single season performance, or for more than one season (successive years, e.g. 1950-51, or selected years e.g. 1950 & 1952) provided that the level of achievement was similar, and the team personnel was virtually the same each year. Otherwise, teams should be nominated separately. A team shall consist of playing and non-playing personnel to the limit set by the governing body sanctioning the competition. (NOTE: trainers, bat/stick persons, mascots, directors and executives, etc. may not be included in team nomination.)

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The “Sportsperson or Team of the Year” award honors an individual athlete or a team that has shown outstanding performance, dedication, and sportsmanship over the past year. This prestigious award acknowledges not only their competitive success and achievements but also their commitment to the core values of sports, such as teamwork, integrity, and community involvement.

For individual athletes, the award recognizes those who have excelled in their sport, demonstrated leadership, and inspired others through their perseverance and dedication. These individuals often engage in charitable activities, contribute to the development of their sport, and serve as role models within their community.

For teams, the award highlights groups that have achieved significant milestones, demonstrated exceptional teamwork and cohesion, and made a positive impact both within their sport and in the broader community. Winning teams typically showcase outstanding collaboration, strategic excellence, and a collective commitment to excellence and sportsmanship.

Overall, the “Sportsperson or Team of the Year” celebrates those who exemplify the highest standards of athletic achievement and contribute positively to the spirit and culture of sports.

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