Name: Stephanie Glandon
Year: 2019
Category: Athlete


Stephanie Glandon is a Canadian National Champion and world class athlete, representing a sport that is gaining worldwide popularity and recognition.

Pole Sport follows an Olympic style of judging, where you have specific moves you have to do and you get graded on them. Pole Art is more creative and artistically expressive.

Stephanie is the Canadian Pole Art and Pole Sport Arts Federation National Champion. Her gold medals qualified her for Worlds. She is the first Canadian woman to achieve this level. Glandon achieved the highest score in her division, masters 40+, for both the Pole Sport and Pole Art categories, landing her a spot on Team Canada for the Pole Sport World Championships, hosted by the Pole Sports and Arts World Federation (POSA). She’ll also represent Canada at the Pole Art World Championships.

When training for competition, she trains more than ten hours a week. In 2019, she also received a Platinum Coach Certification. Again, a first for a Canadian woman.

In addition to working for the Department of National Defence, within the Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management) group, Stephanie Glandon is a pole fitness instructor at J-Glow in Kemptville. Even her costume was designed locally by Michelle Rodgers, who makes costumes for dance companies in the North Grenville area.

Her dedication to health and fitness makes her a significant athlete in the sports community. Her passion and encouragement with other athletes is contagious.

She is described as an athlete who sets a goal and exceeds all expectations.