Name: Lois Beckett
Year: 2011
Category: Builder
Sport: Snowmobile
Lois McIntyre Beckett was born in 1940 in Burritts Rapids. As a lifelong resident of the area, Lois was heavily involved as a player, coach and sponsor of the Kemptville Women’s Fastball League. However, her greatest contribution to area sport was with snowmobiling.In the early years of snowmobiling, safety was not a big consideration, and the accident level involving snowmobiles skyrocketed across Ontario. As a result, the Ontario Government and the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs partnered to establish the Driver Training Program for snowmobilers aged 14 and up. Under Lois’ leadership, this fledgling provincial program took shape. Despite the opposition to change, she recruited volunteers to teach the classes and sponsorship to financially support the program. Her perseverance and dedication convinced snowmobile clubs all over Ontario to embrace the concept of a safety course for newcomers to the sport. The success of the program became the envy of the country and the international snowmobiling fraternity, making the OFSC the first government sanctioned driver training program in the world. To this day, about 5000 students from Ontario graduate each year from the program, earning a Ministry of Transportation Snowmobile Driver’s License.

After her death in 1987, Lois received recognition from the Province when the prestigious OFSC “Driver Trainer of the Year” award was established in her name. The “Lois Beckett” trophy continues to be awarded each year at the OFSC Annual General Meeting. It serves to remind 7,000 plus OFSC club volunteers, 15,000 plus landowners and community partners that the OFSC values and appreciates the tireless efforts of Driver Training Instructors who are following in Lois’ footsteps.