Name: 1975-1976 KDMHA Pee Wee Rep Team
Year: 2014
Category: Team
Sport: Hockey
The 1975-76 KDMHA Pee Wee Rep Team were the first Kemptville Minor Hockey team to win the Regional Silver Stick Tournament. From that victory in Richmond, Ontario, they went on to win the International Silver Stick Tournament in Port Huron, Michigan. This particular team also won numerous tournaments that season as well as the league and ODMHA play downs. Many of the players continued on to play junior and higher levels of hockey.Team Members:
Phil Patterson
Mark Seymour
Brent Evans
Clark Patterson
Doug Rigby
Blair Hamilton
Jeff Bergin
Mike Longchamps
Steve Donoghue
Andy Pinhey
Rick Bertrand
Tim Drew
Hugh Wiggins
Peter Winsor
Ron Stewart

Hal Pinhey – Coach
Bryson Paterson – Coach
Ken Seymour – Coach
Ron Stewart Sr. – Coach