Name: 1962-63 Kemptville-Prescott Combines
Year: 2017
Category: Team
Sport: Hockey

The Kemptville – Prescott Combines, a senior men’s amateur hockey team, played during the 1962-63 ODHA season as a powerful dynasty for only one year. After Prescott’s arena was destroyed this group formed a team to compete against the powerhouse teams of Ottawa, Brockville, Smith Falls, Cornwall, Pembroke and Arnprior.

This was the first time in 61 years that communities such as Kemptville, Prescott, Morrisburg, Williamsburg and Cardinal, who all contributed their talent to the Combines, had a team to represent them outside of the ODHA.
The formation of a new St. Lawrence League sparked a new interest in senior hockey.

Enthusiasm was renewed through this team and the Combines successfully defeated the Ottawa Montagnards, comprised of retired pros, in front of a packed house of over 3,000 spectators. They came from behind in all three games against the Montagnards because they refused to give up, leaving sports writers in Ottawa shaking their heads in disbelief.

The Kemptville-Prescott Combines won the title of Ottawa District Hockey Association Senior A Champions. This earned them the chance to compete in the Eastern Canada Allan Cup Quarter-Finals. The Combines travelled to Moncton, New Brunswick to play a best of five series against the Moncton Hawks.

The Combines were true amateurs, unpaid and funding their own travel and equipment as well as leaving their paying jobs. They received a token amount of $3.00 for travelling expenses.

The Hawks defeated the Combines three games to one, in a rough, well-fought series. Their climb up the playoff ladder was due to their love of the game, their drive and their guts. They renewed interest in senior hockey and showed everyone that small-town players were their big-city counterpart equals both on and off the ice.

Team Roster:
Pat Brophy
Bob Carss
Big Doug Casselman
Little Doug Casselman
Russell Casselman
Allie Cameron
Jack Crawford
Rowdy Gillard
Ken (Red) Grahame
Don Grant (goalie)
Gordon Grant
Derek Holmes
Ted Holmes
Arnold (Red) Lawlor
Les McAllister (goalie)
Gordon McMillan
Maurice (Moe) Rioux
Ted Taylor
Other players were picked up to go to Moncton (in case of injuries):
Andy Despard
Claude Charron
Guy Trottier
Bill Watson

Ralph Hurley (Coach)

Management Team:
Les Grant
Winston Goodman
Dick Bradley
Bruce Bilow
John Morris